Preferred Destination Wedding Resorts  

Playa Hotel & Resorts

 Cancun - Playa Del Carmen - Los Cabos - Puerto Vallarta - Jamaica - Dominican Republic

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Secrets & Dreams Resorts 

Riviera Maya - Cancun - Cabo San Lucas - Puerto Vallarta  - Dominican Republic - Jamaica 

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Sandals & Beaches Resorts

Jamaica - St Lucia - Bahamas - Antigua - Turks & Caicos - Grenada - Barbados

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Hard Rock & UNICO Resorts

Rivera Maya - Puerto Vallarta - Cancun - Dominican Republic- Cabo (coming soon)

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Excellence Resorts 

Riviera Cancun - Playa Mujeres - Dominican Republic  - Jamaica 

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El Dorado & Azul Resorts 

Riviera Maya - Playa Del Carmen - Cancun - Dominican Republic - Jamaica 

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Planning with Love to Travel

“Our experience with Love to travel was fabulous!! They were incredibly knowledgable about the resort and answered any email I sent almost immediately. They helped with any questions I had and made the entire booking process easy and seamless!I would definitely use Kim and her team for an anniversary trip in the future, and recommend them for anyone looking to book their wedding! They really know all the resorts and can get a feel for what kind of destination you are looking for and then cater it to exactly what you want. It was super easy for us and our guests to book through them and I loved the specialized attention we got from them.”

- Stephanie & Mike

“We met Love To Travel at the Wedding Expo at the OP convention center. We always knew we wanted to be married on the beach, but had no idea how hard it would be to plan it by ourselves. After talking to Love to Travel we realized picking an all inclusive resort would be the easiest and also less expensive than other ideas we had considered. LTT was awesome! All my guests told me how easy it was to get everything booked and felt reassured everything would be taken care of. We will definitely use LTT again. Definitely use LTT. It makes everything so much easier to coordinate. You have so many other things to worry about and plan, you don't need the stress of trying to get your entire wedding party booked by yourself. You also get better rates than if you were doing it by yourself.”

- Kalen & Dustin

“I chose Love to Travel because at first I tried to book things on my own and it was just too hard.  I had difficulty getting the resorts to get back to me, and finding the correct contact person.  I did a Google search for Travel Agents in my area that do destination weddings and I chose Love to Travel based on their good online reviews. We had a great experience with Love to Travel.  Kim met with us to discuss our options and the resorts and she was very informative. From meeting with Kim to our actual wedding day was less than 6 months so Love to Travel was able to book everything for all of our guests in a relatively short amount of time.  I liked how they coordinated all the travel arrangements with our guests which made it easier for John and me because we had an expert to refer our guests to.  Some of our guests had never been out of the country and had questions that Love to Travel was able to answer.”

- Leigh & John

“We chose to partner with Love to Travel because we were looking for a seamless experience for not only us, but our guests. The experience was nothing less than perfect. Being perfectionists, the execution was impeccable. Love to Travel provided instructions that guide you through your entire itinerary, names, dates, etc. We loved the experience! Love to Travel was absolutely amazing at answering any questions that we, or our guests had, and went above and beyond our expectations. We can't wait to use Love to Travel to book our next adventure!”

- Katie & Ryan

“I met Kim at a bridal expo in KC and she was so nice and friendly with tons of experience in the destination wedding industry so I trusted that Love to Travel could help us make decisions based on their extensive knowledge and vacation/resort partnerships. Our experience was great and all our guests had an easy time getting booked. Kim and her team answered all my emails and questions in a timely manner and I would definitely recommend Love to Travel.You can make the process as easy or time consuming as you want to or have time for. I personally didn't want to research hundreds of resorts to find the best one because there are way too many to choose from and I didn't have the time so I trusted Love to Travel to recommend 3-4 and then researched just those before making a decision. Kim is an ordained minister so I would also recommending getting legally married in the beach house before you travel just to make the logistics easier.”

- Lisa & Chris

“We had heard great recommendations for Love to Travel. Also, we appreciated being able to be face to face and not having everything because communicated via phone or email. Our experience with Love to Travel was great, we enjoyed working with them every step of the way! We are extremely grateful that they were able to extend our say by another night as we just weren’t ready to leave!”

- Kelsey & Tyler

“After we met with Love to Travel at the wedding expo in Kansas City, we were blown away when we reached out to follow up, and they remembered our name and our story. They were so personal, and the fact that he remembered us amongst all the people he encountered made it even more so. A personal feel to all we do is important, and we were sold at that moment”

- Felicity & Elissa